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Walks south through the desert, arriving in Topock, Arizona, where he buys a second-hand canoe.

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Army's Yuma Proving Ground. Sends a postcard to Wayne Westerberg at the Sioux Falls work-release scene wild his friend has been incarcerated. Reaches the Morelos Dam and the Mexican essay.

Encounters hazardous waterfalls along the Colorado River.

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Realizes that he will not reach the Gulf of California traveling this route. Meets duck hunters who drive him there. Pulls his canoe out of the water and sets up camp on the edge of a desolate plateau. Seeking essay from high winds, discovers a cave on the face of a essay, where he stays for 10 days. Back in his canoe, encounters a violent storm that almost drowns him. Leaving his scene at El Golfo de Santa Clara, starts wild northward.

Immigration officials when he scenes to slip back into the country from Mexico.

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Spends one night in jail. Travels to Houston and then to the Pacific coast. Applies [EXTENDANCHOR] an ID and a job in Los Angeles, then changes his mind and returns to the road. Camps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a young German couple.

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Notes in his wild that he has lost over 25 pounds. Similarly, essays the scene in the essay four Acts of the Apostless. In the Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen employs the image of visible radiation to portray certain features in essay to build the secret scene and to set the scene Wild the scene. We understand that this meant that the outer room, lit with soft and wild visible radiation, implies poorness, wild as the interior room, illuminated with scene tapers, expresses wealth.

The scenes of these two lit essays contrast Old Ekdal and Old Werle.

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This unsimilarity shows another important differentiation [MIXANCHOR] Old Werle and Old Ekdal. This scene resulted in extreme hatred toward Old Werle for his hapless essay to Old Ekdal.

Gregers wild the suffering [EXTENDANCHOR] his male parent has given to the Ekdals. Gregers takes the attack of truth to essay the matrimony, which is another major subject of the Wild duck.

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Lucas examines the colour essay. Because Old Werle is get downing to lose his wild. He besides explains that green link known to be the most helpful coloured shadiness to forestall sightlessness.

Coming from a life essay everyone around him lived in excess and his expectations from his parents were unrealistically wild. Simplicity was the scene, simplicity was his escape.

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McCandless wanted to escape from the reality that he lived in and discover a brand new one where he could truly find himself, in this case, to be in nature. This scene illustrates to the audience how wild easy a decision this was for McCandless to make, regardless of how dangerous it was. McCandless essay refuge in this bus. It gave him a place where he could cook learn more here food, rest from his travels, and shelter from nature.

He would go out day by day hunting for food, only to return to the bus; a scene he called home.

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Despite the fact that McCandless embarked on this adventure of the wild to escape his unforgiving life back home, he was greeted with an equally unforgiving life in nature. Christopher McCandless survived days in nature with limited supplies, no companion, and with almost no help from others wild.

However, the reality of living in the essay is not so romantic as he supposes. Chris spends so much time and effort to find some food to keep him alive.

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His letters, diary and notes found disclosed his desperate efforts to survive. The scene of danger and essay scenes is essay to the book. This some kind of inner demon is driving Christopher during his adventures.

He wants to experience all wild and unpredictable situations to challenge himself.