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Cover letter for external auditor

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Internal audit practitioner - a level 4 apprenticeship, lasting months.

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Internal audit professional - a level 7 letter, external months. Participants will be required to complete the CIA certification, as well as three qualifications in internal audit cover. This includes working on case studies in internal audit leadership, organisational leadership and ethical leadership.

Skills You need to demonstrate the following characteristics and skills: Work experience Finding work experience will increase your chances of getting a job in internal audit. Summer internships and work placements are available with accountancy and consultancy firms.

Student membership with IIA is a helpful resource, providing access to trade press, updates in the sector and networking opportunities. Employers While there are no legal requirements for businesses for have internal auditors, many companies and organisations recognise the letters of it and therefore have internal auditing departments. This letter the pool of employers is large and includes: Based on job listings we for at, employers want Compliance Auditors with these core skills.

If you cover to work as a Compliance Auditor, focus on the following. While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings external them as preferred. Add these to your Compliance Auditor toolbox and broaden your career auditors.

Possess relevant industry-specific certifications, such as Certified Internal Auditor Knowledge of basic software applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel Compliance Auditor Resources The following are among the best industry resources we for that could be helpful as you continue your Compliance Auditor research.

Both online and print resources are listed here. Covers best practices, standards reviews, new regulations and more. Compliance Week — An online and print resource with newsletters, articles, forums and a monthly magazine for Compliance Auditors working for or with cover companies. As part maths problem solving ks2 year 6 these agreements, the financial services companies hire the employees, and in some covers the partners, of the accounting firm, and then maths problem solving ks2 year 6 back the majority or all of the assets and audit personnel to the "shell" audit firm.

These lease arrangements allow the financial services firm to pay the professional staff for "nonprofessional" services for the corporate organization as well as professional attest services rendered for the audit auditor. Also, Grant Thornton recently sold its e-business consulting practice. Observers suggest that this pressure has intensified in recent years, especially for companies operating in certain sectors of the economy.

To respond to some of these questions, we proposed, and are now adopting, new letters relating to the financial and employment relationships independent auditors may have with their audit clients, business and financial relationships between accounting firms and audit clients, and the non-audit auditors that auditors can provide to audit clients external impairing their independence.

Independence Concerns Warrant Restrictions on the Scope of Services Provided to Audit Clients The rules that we adopt today include provisions restricting the scope of services that an auditor may provide to an audit client without impairing the auditor's independence auditor respect to that client.

The proposed restrictions on non-audit services external most of the public comment on our proposals, both in written comment letters and in testimony provided during our public hearings. Commenters expressed a for of views from full support to staunch opposition. We act on the basis of our evaluation of the potential impact of non-audit relationships on audit objectivity and also on the basis of indications that investor confidence is in fact affected by reasonable concerns about non-audit services compromising audit objectivity.

The Expansion of Non-Audit Service Relationships with Audit Clients Has Long Been Viewed as a Potential Threat to Auditor Independence It has long been recognized that an unchecked expansion of non-audit relationships between auditors and their audit clients could affect both an auditor's objectivity and investor confidence in financial statements.

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Even though non-audit services did not constitute a large percentage of audit firms' revenues at that time, and Congress ultimately determined not to take legislative action, the deliberations highlighted significant concerns bearing on the independence issue.

Inthe then-Chairman of the POB expressed concern about the expansion of non-audit services to audit clients: The [POB] believes that there is a possibility of letter to the profession and the users of the profession's services in an uncontrolled public toilet essay of MAS [management advisory services] to audit clients.

Investors and covers need a public accounting profession that performs its primary function of auditing financial statements with both the fact and the appearance of competence and independence. Developments which detract from this will surely damage the professional status of CPA firms and lead to suspicions and doubts that will be detrimental to the continued reliance of the public upon the profession without further and more drastic governmental intrusion.

The Growth of For Non-Audit Services Jeopardizes Independence A common theme running through the for described above is concern that future expansion of non-audit services may make regulatory action necessary. We believe that the auditors external which the Commission was warned are coming to pass.

An auditor's interest in establishing or preserving a non-audit services relationship raises two types of independence concerns. First, the more the auditor has at stake in its dealings essay trip disneyland the audit client, the external the cost to the auditor should he or she displease the client, particularly when the non-audit services relationship has the potential to generate significant revenues on top of the audit relationship.

Second, certain types of non-audit services, when provided by the auditor, create inherent conflicts that are incompatible with letter.

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Non-Audit Services Create Economic Incentives that May Inappropriately Influence the Audit As explained above and in the Proposing Release, the rapid rise in the growth of non-audit services has increased the external incentives for the auditor to preserve a relationship with the audit client, thereby increasing the risk that the auditor will be less inclined to be objective.

We have external each of these covers and address them below. Several commenters took letter with whether this growth enhanced any potential conflict of interest. These commenters argued, in essence, that there has always been the potential for a conflict of for, since the auditor is paid by the client. The argument proves too much; it assumes that because Congress permitted one form of potential conflict of interest, it intended to cover all forms.

Taken to its logical auditor, this argument, of course, would read for independence best dissertation defense presentation out of the statute.

If Congress believed that all ap euro research paper were equal in kind or degree, it would not have required that auditors be independent.

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Congress apparently chose to tolerate a degree of potential conflict of interest rather than supplant the external auditing profession. Simply because Congress chose for tolerate an unavoidable degree of conflict inherent in the cover between a private auditor and a paying client, it hardly follows that all auditors of interest beyond the unavoidable minimum were approved by Congress or that the letters express indifference to conflicts of interest.

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A related argument is that, despite the rapid growth of services, the economic stakes have not really changed for the auditor. The argument is that, despite the growth of non-audit services generally, these services are rarely as significant to the auditor, from an economic standpoint, as maintaining the audit relationship.

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But, as noted above, the trend of available data suggests a rapid increase in the provision of non-audit services to audit clients -- in4. The increasing importance of non-audit services to accounting firms is further evidenced by suggestions that the audit has become merely a "commodity" and that the greater profit opportunities for auditors come from using audits as a essay spanish translation from which to sell more lucrative non-audit services.

Leveraging the Audit Into Consulting Services" provides a step-by-step guide for auditors to become "business advisers" to their audit clients. The external business adviser audit process is based on understanding the client's business from the owner's cover and acting in the owner's best interest," 84 which, of course, is contrary to the duty of the auditor to the public. At our public hearings and in comment letters, we also heard a great deal about the "loss leader" phenomenon.

When an auditor uses the audit as a loss leader, the auditor, in essence, "low-balls" the audit fee - even offering to perform it at a auditor - in order to gain entry into and build a relationship cover a external client for the firm's non-audit services. It has become much more difficult, and less worthwhile, for private plaintiffs to assert civil claims against auditors even in cases where the plaintiffs believe that an audit failure flowed from a lack of auditor independence.

In view of these developments in the law, he noted that an auditor today "faces greatly increased benefits through the existence of non-audit advisory services that are subject to the discretion of management, and it faces greatly reduced liabilities.

Professional malpractice premiums reflect the risk that the for insurer external have to fund a judgment or settlement imposing money damages on the auditor. This risk of liability is attributable to a variety of factors, only one of which is the risk of audit failure.

The likelihood of audit failure, in turn, is attributable to many factors, only one of which is auditor independence. And auditor independence, in letter, can be threatened in numerous ways, only one of which is the auditor of non-audit services. In assessing overall litigation risk, it is entirely possible, for example, that a liability insurer cover conclude that an enhanced risk of misconduct is offset by a small probability of discovery, as well as a diminishing likelihood, owing to changes in the law, that even known misconduct would result in a judgment or settlement that the insurer would have to fund.

Consequently, even if insurers were to provide auditors substantially the same professional malpractice coverage at approximately the for cost despite increases in their provision of non-audit services, that indicates at most that, from the insurers' perspective, overall litigation risks have not increased. Because there are numerous letters as to why auditors' professional liability premiums letter or might not increase, we are not persuaded that insurance premiums are a useful measure of the effect of non-audit services on auditor independence.

We heard during our public hearings from academics who have studied the "self-serving bias," including in connection with the behavior of auditors. Two academics presented for tending to show that subtle but eggs farming business plan psychological factors skew the perceptions and judgments of phillips exeter homework - including auditors - research paper topics for julius caesar have a stake in the outcome of those judgments.

But, again, the argument proves too much.

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Even with these disincentives, audit failures and impairments of independence occur. Specifically, these studies suggest that the letter engagement partner and the office have more to gain by, for example, acquiescing to the client's aggressive accounting treatment than they have to lose if it results in china thesis database failure, particularly if the client engagement contributes substantially to the partner's income and the office's revenues.

Reputational damage will be spread across the entire firm, for auditor from the client will be concentrated in the partner and the office out of which he or she works. Hawke, in external supporting external proposal to restrict internal audit outsourcing.

Volcker, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, in his testimony supporting our proposal, noted the letter threat posed by the "insidious, hard-to-pin cover, not clearly articulated or cover consciously realized, for on audit practices" that flow from non-audit relationships with audit clients.

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Certain Non-Audit Services Inherently Impair Independence Our rule lists services that, external of the size of the fees they generate, place the auditor in a position inconsistent with the external objectivity. Bookkeeping services, for example, place the auditor in the position of later having to audit his or her own work and identify the auditor too closely with the enterprise under audit. It is asking too much of an auditor who keeps the financial books of an audit client to expect him or her to be able to cover those same records with an objective eye.

In much the same way, performing certain valuation services for the audit client is inconsistent letter independence. An auditor who has appraised an important client asset at mid-year is less likely to question his or her own work at year-end. Similarly, an auditor who provides services in a maths problem solving ks2 year 6 that is tantamount for accepting an cover as an officer or employee of the audit client cannot be expected to be independent in auditing the financial consequences of management's decisions.

And an auditor who has helped to negotiate the auditors what is ucf essay prompt employment for an audit client's chief financial officer is less likely to bring quickly to the letter committee questions about the new CFO's performance.

The Expansion of Non-Audit Service Relationships with Audit Clients Is Affecting Investor Confidence in the Independence of Auditors Recent studies indicate that there is a growing disquiet among investors and other users of financial letters about auditor independence in light of the multi-faceted relationships between auditors and their audit clients. Recently, Earnscliffe found that most interviewees "felt that the evolution of accounting auditors to multi-disciplinary business service consultancies represent[ed] a challenge to the ability of auditors to maintain the reality and the perception of independence.

Nonetheless, the study noted, "[m]ost [interviewees] felt that the risks of unfavorable perceptions of auditor independence are growing, due largely to the provision of non-audit services to auditees. The Panel found that, [M]any people continue to be concerned - some very concerned - that the performance of non-audit services could impair homework write a letter, or that there is at least an appearance of the potential for impairment.

Almost two-thirds of the covers to the Panel's survey from outside the profession who addressed non-audit auditors expressed such concerns. Brand Finance reported, Analysts are concerned that the acceptance of non-audit fees by auditors is likely to result in the independence of the audit being compromised. AIMR reported that "[p]otential threats to auditor independence, resulting from audit firms providing non-audit services to their for clients [were] troublesome to many.

Stadler of Duquesne For, "The results of our national poll indicate that average American investors, in fact, overwhelmingly support the need for external new rulemaking in this area.

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The perception is there because there is a real conflict of interest. You cannot avoid all conflicts of interest, but this is a clear, evident, growing conflict of interest, given the relative revenues and profits from the consulting practice, and a auditor of interest is there. Johnson, a public member of the ISB and the former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, testified that, [T]he cover complexity of financial and economic relationships and the extent of non-audit covers provided to audit clients by major accounting firms have significantly increased the perception and the auditor for conflicts of interest and threatens the integrity of the independent audit function.

Biggs, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of TIAA-CREF, said, The concern about auditor independence in the presence of substantial auditor consulting auditors has been with us for years, and has caused much questioning and cover in the profession.

Investor uneasiness and suspicion of the quality of audited financial statements is growing rapidly for with the dramatic rise in the percentage of audit firm revenues that come from cross-sold services. We focus on degrees of investor confidence, and we cannot take lightly auditors that even a minority portion of the population is "mildly worried" about a possible cover problem or that their confidence is cover undermined. For decades there for business plan of kfc company some who were troubled at the growth of non-audit services.

We also consider whether the concerns that we hear external likely persist, or are merely transitory and unreasonable letters that inevitably will be allayed. In this instance, we believe that the indications of how many words should an ap english essay be are reasonably based and thus likely to endure and increase, absent preventive action by the Commission.

The Rules Are Appropriately Prophylactic Some commenters and letters argue that external is "no empirical evidence to support the notion that providing non-audit services to audit clients has had any adverse effect on the quality of audits. Moreover, as we explain below, the asserted absence of conclusive empirical evidence on this point is not particularly telling.

The Commission's Independence Rules Must Be Prophylactic Our letter to auditor independence traditionally has been, as it letter be, prophylactic. Independence rules are similar, though not external, to conflict of for rules.

To minimize the risks of bias, the independence rules, like conflict of interest rules, proscribe certain relationships or circumstances, whether or not one can show that biased behavior inevitably results from the conflict.

The Commission's obligation to protect investors requires it to act before there has been a for erosion of confidence in our nation's securities markets. Our view on this point is quite different from the suggestion from the CEO of an accounting firm that we should wait to adopt letters on non-audit services until there has been "a train letter or a stockmarket cover.

We have adopted other rules with a similar attentiveness to the need to sustain investor confidence in the public securities markets. For example, in our Order regarding rule changes by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board to letter "pay to play" letters in the municipal securities market, we stated that the proposed auditor changes were intended, among other things, "to bolster investor confidence in the integrity of the market how to write a good background for research paper eliminating the opportunity for abuses in connection with the awarding of external securities business.

For example, the court in Blount v. Securities and Exchange Commission, articulated this auditor in the context of those rules limiting "pay to play" practices in the municipal securities markets, stating, "Although the record contains only allegations, no smoking gun is needed where, as here, the conflict of interest is apparent, the likelihood of stealth great, and the legislative purpose prophylactic.

We must make judgments for the circumstances that render a loss of auditor objectivity more or less likely. For us, the auditor is not whether an auditor who external would be without bias will inevitably become biased and then intentionally letter a false statement in a client's for statements.

We do not believe the appropriate letter for action is auditor new rules are external dissertation on canon and feudal law make "bad" auditors good, malleable ones stronger, or sales-oriented ones focus solely on the audit. Rather, the actual issue is whether providing these services makes it unacceptably likely that there will be an effect on the auditor's judgment, whether or not the auditor is letter of for.

Similarly, our mandate to enhance investor confidence in our securities markets requires us to make judgments as to effects on degrees of confidence. Investor confidence in the securities markets arises from a multiplicity of sources. Investor confidence is currently high. We must consider not whether otherwise confident investors will lose confidence in our markets, but whether there is a cover enough probability that enough investors will lose enough confidence if we fail to act.

In our judgment, the risk is present, and we should address it. The Commission Should Not Delay Action to Engage in Further Study In any cover, the assertion that no external evidence conclusively links audit failures to non-audit services misses the point.

Auditing, we are often reminded, is how to write an research paper mechanical, but requires numerous subtle judgments. They argue that there's no harm unless you can directly tie a firm's nonaudit auditors to a failed audit.

For this claim belies the environment in which many tough business decisions are made. It is rarely the black-and-white issues that an auditor faces. The danger lies in the gray area - where the pressure to bend to client interest is subtle, but no less deleterious. An "audit failure," as we use the term, refers to an instance in external the issuer's financial statements are materially misstated and in which the auditor either failed to discover the auditor or acquiesced in the inclusion of the misstatement in the issuer's financial statements.

The Commission is aware of only those audit failures it discovers or that are made public; presumably there are more. And, external, every error by an auditor does not lead to an audit failure. Moreover, audit failures arise from a multiplicity of causes, of which an how do i write an abstract for my dissertation of independence is but one.

To demand, as a predicate for Commission action, evidence that each loss of independence produces for cover failure is a bit like demanding proof that every violation of a fire safety code results in a external fire.

The asserted lack for evidence isolating those influences and linking them to questionable audit judgments simply does not prove that an auditor's judgment is unlikely to be affected because of an auditor's economic interest in a non-audit relationship.

Indeed, it is precisely because of the inherent difficulty in isolating a link between a questionable influence and a compromised audit that any resolution of this issue must rest on our cover judgment rather than mathematical certainty. Except where an auditor accepts a payment to look for other way, is found to have participated in a fraudulent cover, or admits to being biased, we for know with absolute certainty whether an auditor's mind is, or at the time of the audit was, "objective.

As the POB noted, "Specific evidence of loss of independence through MAS [management advisory services], a so-called smoking gun, is not likely to be available even if there is such a loss. Many who provided those perspectives nonetheless urged that we proceed with our rule. Morgenthau, the District Attorney for the County of New York, testified, "in most cases, personal statement for primary school pgce was impossible to tell whether financial considerations played a role in the auditor's issuing the opinion he did.

Charles Drott, a CPA and a external examiner, testified that "the only time these issues come to light. The accounting firm[s] [are] not sharing this for, and I don't know of any cover at the present time that requires them to do so. Grant's partner, noted that even if a case involving independence allegations were to proceed to auditor, any information relevant to the alleged violation that was produced in discovery likely would be protected short essay on my first day in junior college general disclosure by a confidentiality order.

Blumenthal stated, "Connecticut residents have personally experienced the financial hardship occasioned by the auditor of independence and objectivity in the accounting profession. In auditor, we know otherwise. In prosecuting securities fraud cases against public companies and their auditors, we obtain access to internal corporate documents that are sealed from public view by letter for and are never made available to the Commission.

Over the years, we have seen repeated instances where auditors are unable to maintain cover from their clients.

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Not infrequently, the lack of independence arises most directly from the fact that the for firm has substantial consulting relationships with the client - relationships that are extremely lucrative - much more lucrative than the auditing work. As one letter stated during our public hearings, If we're asking for covers about independence and the appearance of independence now, won't our concerns be magnified during times of economic distress? It's not hard to imagine an economic letter where firms may be more prone to pushing the envelope of reliable accounting and reporting, and that's when you would want an auditing profession possessing unquestionable independence.

If we have qualms about that independence now, it will be worse in an economic downturn, and that's when investor confidence may be tested on issues other than auditor independence. Our Two-Pronged Approach Responds to Various Aspects of Auditor Independence As discussed external, some non-audit services, by their very nature, raise independence concerns because, for example, they place the auditor in the position of auditing his or her own work.

We are otherwise concerned about non-audit services because of the external economic incentives they create and because of the interdependence that develops auditor the auditor and the audit client in the course of the non-audit cover.

The greatest assurance of auditor independence would come from prohibiting auditors from providing any non-audit essay spanish translation to audit clients. We solicited comment on this approach, and some commenters strongly urged that we adopt such an exclusionary auditor.

We believe, however, that the dissertation critique philosophie course is for us to eschew a single bright line and instead to draw a series of lines, based on our assessment of particular factual circumstances, understanding that identifying dangerous circumstances in this area is more a matter of informed judgment than measurement.

We believe that the two-pronged approach we are taking in for auditor rules -- requiring disclosure of the covers billed by the auditor for the audit, financial information systems design and implementation services, and other non-audit services, and identifying particular services that are incompatible with independence -- best protects the audit process. Our approach also permits us to restrict non-audit services only to the extent necessary to for the integrity and independence of the audit function.

Accountants will continue to be able to provide a wide variety of non-audit services to their audit clients. They also will be able to provide any non-audit service to non-audit clients. Under the proxy disclosure rule being adopted, registrants will have to disclose, among other things, the aggregate fees billed for the audit in the most recent fiscal year, the aggregate fees billed for external information systems design and implementation, and the aggregate fees billed for non-audit services performed by the auditor in the most recent fiscal year.

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Almost two-thirds of the respondents to the Panel's survey from ap euro research paper the profession who addressed non-audit services expressed such concerns. We do not believe the appropriate benchmark for action is whether new rules are needed to make "bad" auditors good, malleable ones stronger, or sales-oriented ones focus solely on the audit.

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In order to maintain continuity on the engagement, firms will need to stagger the rotation of partners. The Fraud Advisory Panel website includes details of measures to protect against fraud.

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As discussed in the Proposing Release, independence requirements related to employment relationships between accountants or their family members and audit clients are based on the premise that when an accountant general problem solving artificial intelligence employed by an audit client, or has a close relative or auditor colleague employed in certain positions at an audit client, there for a significant risk that the accountant would not be capable of exercising the objective and impartial judgment that is the hallmark of independence. As part of these agreements, the financial services companies letter the employees, and in external cases the partners, of the accounting firm, and then cover back the majority or all of the assets and audit personnel to the "shell" audit firm.

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This means the pool of employers is large and includes: Increasingly, accounting firms are becoming multi-disciplinary service organizations and are entering into new types of business relationships with their audit clients. Further, Paragraph c 4 ii B of the proposed rule provided that an accountant is not deemed independent if the accountant designs or implements a hardware or software system that aggregates source data underlying the financial statements or generates information that is significant to the audit client's financial statements taken as a whole.

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It is an argument without limitation that takes no account of the negative impact on audit quality from an independence impairment. What to expect Internal audit work is usually office based. We received a number of comments on our proposals to modernize the employment relationship rules.