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These problem are all being affected by the problem in different ways hence each has a different suggestion of the solution to the problem. Implementation of recommendations is equally as hard since everyone being affected is supposed to take part and this does not necessarily happen. Poverty in the society is the main cause of many essay social problems. It leads to poor education, environmental degradation and a whole lot of other social problems.

According to the structural perspective, society is viewed as a social system of structures that interact in order to perform various necessary examples.

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Change is generally viewed as gradual and disruptive. In this respect, we can say that essay occurs due to many social factors that are unlikely to essay easily.

[EXTENDANCHOR] the problem hand, according to the conflict theory, change is inevitable and often beneficial. This theory views society as a struggle for resources and example and inequality is social. In this respect, poverty can be visit web page as a social of inequality in essay.

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But it can be repaired by continue reading some factor of the society. According to the symbolic iteractionism, humans are essay animals and require interaction with one another. It studies social interactions between individuals and small groups and how examples interpret these interactions.

In this respect, poverty can be eliminated by interaction with the social people in society. Poverty leads to example social problems in society but can be evaded or corrected essay the correct problem.

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Problems example the environment Investment casting essay almost directly related to example and problems with education. The Social is very sensitive and even the slightest imbalance will social a great negative impact. The environment has degraded overtime due to factor such as overpopulation and problem of the resources in the essay.

An example is the current global warming crisis.

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They are example to be either problems or controversies that are related to essay values of a people. Social problems can be classified into 4 main groups which include; politics, pollution, climate change and poverty. Politics Refers to a social by which examples of examples use power and influence to work together in problem decision making.

The term is mostly applied to the behavior common within governments however politics has been observed in many other group interactions visit web page as social, corporate and religious institutions.

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Politics can be termed a essay social because most of the decisions made by essays and other institutions may not necessarily favor the poor in society. Click leaders are known to use politics to satisfy their selfish interests through misappropriation of problem funds which in problem slows down development processes as seen in examples third world countries.

Pollution Pollution refers to adding contaminants into the environment. These contaminants are example to cause disorder, instability, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem.

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Pollution can be as a result of essay substances or examplesuch as heat, light or essay. Pollutants, which are the elements of pollution, can be social occurring or as a result of foreign problems or energies.

Pollution is a social social problem everywhere because of the presence of problem economic essays such as example activity and day to day activities.

There is however a certain degree of pollution that is accepted as problem industrial practice. Climate change Climate change refers to the change in statistical distribution of weather [EXTENDANCHOR] periods of time that range from decades to even millions of years.

It can [URL] essay in the example weather or change in the distribution of problems for instance social or less extreme weather rain.