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Critical thinking about statistics joel best

“Telling the Truth About Damned Lies and Statistics” Original Article, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4 May , by Joel Best; Formatting and Emphasis by R. Adam Molnar The dissertation prospectus began by quoting a statistic -- a "grabber" meant to capture the reader's attention.

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Critical Thinking

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17:27 Nikokinos:
Part of the problem is that most of the public is innumerate. It has been often said that half of all marriages end in divorce.

11:58 Kazranos:
Even carefully compiled and reported statistics cannot be considered proof but only strong evidence. Sadly, most of the time people accept statistics without question.

16:36 Dashicage:
When people have problems appreciating the differences among big numbers, they tend to uncritically accept statistics. We need to understand the methods used to generate these numbers to begin to think critically about the numbers we encounter. No agency keeps track of essay on wrestling match marriages and so there is no way of knowing what percentage ends in divorce.

12:57 Tygoramar:
These bad statistics are then repeated and take on lives of their own so it can be difficult to track down the primary source. Sometimes cleverly-worded statistics can imply a different meaning than what was originally studied.